Metal Roof Repair New Braunfels TX

Are you in need of a metal roof repair in New Braunfels, Texas? Autumn is ushering in cooler weather. It’s a great time to take a look at potential problems that may have presented themselves during the long, hot Texas summer. Metal roofs are hailed for their longevity and durability, but months of direct sunlight can certainly take their toll. Just as wood expands and contracts with changing temperatures, your metal roof stretches during periods of hot conditions. Then it shrinks back to its original size when it’s cooler. If your roof doesn’t receive proper maintenance, these cycles can cause... Read More »

Commercial Roofing Company New Braunfels TX

Does your facility or building struggle with roofing issues? If you need a professional commercial roofing company, Horizon Roofing can assist you. We’re an experienced, licensed & insured contractor offering: • 35+ years expertise • Record of 10,000+ clients served • Superior workmanship & efficient service • Associates with deep fieldwork expertise • A+ rating as BBB Accredited Member • HAAG certified roofing professionals • Long, local company history • Durable roofing solutions • Manufacturer warranty options Call us when you need commercial roof installation, repairs, roof maintenance, emergency services, restoration, or re-roofing. You can count on our three-plus decades... Read More »

Flat Roof Replacement New Braunfels TX

Does your building or facility need professional flat roof replacement services? If you’re in the New Braunfels, Texas area, you can count on Horizon Roofing. We offer 35+ years expertise, experienced roof applicators, deep roofing knowledge, and strong industry credentials. Call us when you need an expert, on-site roof assessment & opinion on your roof replacement needs. You can reach us at (855) 715-1500. A company technician will visit your location, carefully examine your roof’s condition, and then we can offer options for service solutions. It would be our pleasure to assist you. Flat Roof Replacement Experts As a full-fledged... Read More »

Flat Roof Repair New Braunfels TX

Do you need expert flat roof repair services in New Braunfels? Horizon Roofing can help. We are rooted in 35+ years of construction industry experience. Our licensed, professional repair specialists will locate all areas of trouble and quickly fix them. Over the years, a flat roof takes on small defects. But if those small-scale issues go without caretaking, they will turn into bigger troubles. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a neglected roof to sustain damage to the point where repair services become too costly. Or a flat roof may have deteriorated so much, repair solutions simply aren’t viable. Don’t... Read More »

Roof Inspection Austin, TX

Do you need professional roof inspection services in Austin? You can count on Horizon Roofing. Our company is rooted in 35+ years of construction experience. We also have experienced technicians which are HAAG certified inspectors. With this certification, these professionals can offer comprehensive, scientifically-based assessments of any roof damage. Should your industrial or commercial roof need inspection, call us at (855) 715-1500. Or if you would to discuss the merits of an ongoing inspection & preventive maintenance program, we would be glad to discuss that, too. Roof Inspection Services Over the course of its lifespan, a roof can run into... Read More »

Rubber Roof Repair Austin, TX

EPDM roofing is a popular option for building protection. For one, a rubber roof is lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. But all commercial roofs have problems at some point in their lifespan. Rubber roofing is no exception. When those roofing headaches do appear, it’s best to settle them as soon as possible. Otherwise relatively minimal repair needs can turn into far more intensive, more costly work requirements. With 35+ years of construction knowledge, Horizon Roofing can help you. Our licensed, professional repair specialists will identify all problem areas and fix them quickly. To schedule an on-site roof assessment & estimate, don’t... Read More »

Flat Roof Replacement Austin, TX

Do you need flat roof replacement services in Austin, Texas? Horizon Roofing can assist you with your re-roofing project. We have 35+ years of construction expertise. Our company offers superior replacement services with industry-leading products, all backed by years of construction knowledge & fieldwork experience. Knowing when the right time is to replace your flat roof is tough. Some signs that it might be time to get rid of that old roof include: • Unrepairable aging & weathering • Constant pooling water • Moisture build-up under your roof membrane • Extensive roof movement like shrinkage or cracking • Pervasive storm... Read More »

Commercial Roofing Company Austin, TX

Do you need the help of a professional commercial roofing company in Austin, Texas? There are several factors to consider when looking for the right commercial roofing company: ● How many years have the company been in business? ● How many years of experience does the contractor have? ● What is their insurance coverage? ● What do they do to reduce liability on the job-site? ● Have they been in business long enough to back roof warranties? ● Are there any other industrial or commercial customers they’ve served nearby? ● Based on the company’s record, are they likely to be... Read More »

Roof Coating Austin TX

Do you need commercial roof restoration in Austin, TX? Roof coatings are an effective, cost-efficient way to restore your roof’s condition. In fact, with an expert roof coating application from Horizon Construction, Inc., your industrial or commercial roof will look and function as if it is brand new! Read on to learn some of the benefits of what a roof coating system can do for you. Commercial Roof Coating Austin TX Over time, a commercial roof becomes weathered. Or it can take extensive damage from severe storm activity, such as hail or powerful winds. As a result, its performance can... Read More »

Metal Roof Repair Austin TX

Do you need metal roof repair in Austin, TX? Currently around 60 billion square feet of metal roofing is in the United States, and every year an additional 2 billion square feet is installed. But there are many common problems which can prompt the need for metal roof repair: • Metal roof rusting • Leaks forming in screw-holes, seams, or other exposed areas • Aging & weathering • Compromised performance from prolonged UV-ray exposure • Roof punctures & tears • Ponding water • Roof blow-off from powerful winds If your industrial or commercial metal roof has any of these problems,... Read More »