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Flat Roof Repair Austin TX

Are you needing flat roof repair in Austin, Texas? There are many factors which can prompt the need for flat roof repair. Here are underlying causes of flat roof problems: • Ponding water • Straight-line winds • Prolonged thermal shock from the sun • Inferior contractor workmanship • Improper roof drainage • Heavy foot traffic over time • Poor flashing attachment • New penetrations added post-installation • Roof shrinkage • Lack of proactive maintenance • Moisture build-up under roof membrane • Improper roof repairs • Aging & weathering These factors and others can give way to a host of problems:... Read More »

Rooftop Dryer Vent Installation

There are those people who want to install a roof dryer vent themselves. Here are some steps and guidelines for proper installation. Your Installation Will Require Planning and Choosing a Location for the Vent Assess your situation by looking at your attic, your rooftop, and your dryer location. Then choose the shortest, straightest route for the vent to run. Keep vents below 25 feet, if possible. As you calculate, remember that even though manufacturers say 60 feet, you need to subtract 10 feet for every 90 degree angle. • Plan to have the installed vent hood 2 feet away from... Read More »

Don’t Install That Satellite Dish On Your Austin, TX Roof Just Yet

Satellite dish TV is considered essential equipment for many sports fans. But before you let the dish installer climb up on your roof, you should think about the risks and ask about other installation methods. There are good reasons why manufacturers don’t recommend mounting a satellite dish on your roof. Mounting A Satellite Dish On Your Austin, TX Roof Is Risky Business By searching the internet for satellite dish installation instructions, you can find recommendations and guidelines from the major dish manufacturers. Their instructions include some ominous warnings about mounting a satellite dish on a roof. For example: • Roof... Read More »

Want To Have A Satellite Dish Installed On Your Roof? Consider These Things

How often has any one of us thought about risks or considered installation methods when calling our local satellite dish company to set up a service contract and quickly get us “up and running”? (I know that not missing certain segments of QVC programming is pretty important to me.) And maybe it’s just me, but being concerned with how the installation of the satellite dish will affect the integrity of my roof has never entered my mind. Fact is I had no idea I should be worried. After a bit of research I found that in 1996 the FCC determined... Read More »

Common San Antonio, TX Roofing Problems

Some of the roofing problems shown here are due simply to the fact that as roofs in Atlanta age, materials and other items such as vents deteriorate due to weather, tree or hail damage, etc. However, many of these common roofing problems are due to poor or incorrect installation of materials. When you choose Horizon Construction as your San Antonio roofing contractor, you can rest assured that the installation of all materials will be correct and according to the manufacturers’ specifications by our roof repair contractors. Read More »