Commercial Roofing Company New Braunfels TX

commercial roofing company new braunfels

Does your facility or building struggle with roofing issues? If you need a professional commercial roofing company, Horizon Roofing can assist you. We’re an experienced, licensed & insured contractor offering:

• 35+ years expertise
• Record of 10,000+ clients served
• Superior workmanship & efficient service
• Associates with deep fieldwork expertise
• A+ rating as BBB Accredited Member
• HAAG certified roofing professionals
• Long, local company history
• Durable roofing solutions
• Manufacturer warranty options

On-Site Estimates

Call us when you need commercial roof installation, repairs, roof maintenance, emergency services, restoration, or re-roofing. You can count on our three-plus decades in the industry. No-cost, on-site professional roof estimates are arrange-able by calling (855) 715-1500.

Commercial Roofing Company Professionals

commercial roofing company in new braunfels

A quality commercial roofing system doesn’t just come together. It’s the culmination of expert craftsmen using precise, attentive skills to assemble a roof with quality materials. Nor does a commercial roof perform well and last for its life expectancy just by itself. Ongoing, professional caretaking helps keep roof issues at bay and minimize expenses over the roof’s life-cycle.

At Horizon Roofing, we’ve installed, repaired, restored & re-roofed every type of commercial roofing system on the market. Our commercial roofing company team has 35+ years in the business. We’ll help you get solid returns, protect your investment, and keep your building well-protected & trouble-free for years to come. Call us!

Commercial Roofing Company Solutions

commercial roofing company new braunfels texas

Horizon Roofing performs work on all types of commercial roofing substrates:

• Modified bitumen
• Asphalt
• Shingle
• Metal
• Tile
• And others

When examining your roof’s condition, our savvy technicians use scientific principles for damage evaluation. They’ll pinpoint all troubled areas and thereafter, our skilled roofing specialists will solve your issues with the best materials on the market. If your roof needs a cost-efficient restoration or re-roofing, our team will let you — at no cost. Call us to arrange a free roof assessment & customized estimate today!

Commercial Roofing Company Experts

It’s difficult to detect leaks on a flat or low-sloped building. Water movement in a flat or low-slope roofing assembly is complex. Condensation damage may spring up from poor ventilation. Or if your roof is suffering from entrapped moisture, it can lead to issues with mold or other property damage. All of this requires the assistance of an experienced contractor.

Backed by 35+ years expertise, Horizon Roofing offers 24/7 emergency services. If you need an emergency responder, we’ve got you covered. Or should you require expert installation, an efficient re-roofing, or a timely roof restoration, we’ll be there to help you. Don’t hesitate to request an on-site roof estimate from our commercial roofing company.

Call us today at (855) 715-1500 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to the possibility of earning your business!

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