Roof Inspection Austin, TX

On-Site EstimatesDo you need professional roof inspection services in Austin? You can count on Horizon Roofing. Our company is rooted in 35+ years of construction experience. We also have experienced technicians which are HAAG certified inspectors. With this certification, these professionals can offer comprehensive, scientifically-based assessments of any roof damage.

Should your industrial or commercial roof need inspection, call us at (855) 715-1500. Or if you would to discuss the merits of an ongoing inspection & preventive maintenance program, we would be glad to discuss that, too.

Roof Inspection Services

Roof inspection austin texas

Over the course of its lifespan, a roof can run into a number of issues:

• Pooling water
• Roof leaks
• Punctures
• Tears
• Bubbles
• Cracks
• Roof blisters
• Wind damage
• Shrinking membrane
• Extensive weathering
• Sun damage

If your roof is struggling with any of the problems or something else, we can help. Call us!

Roof Inspection Value

Commercial roof inspection austin tx

Roof inspections offer more value than just locating existing problems. Here are some of their other advantages:

• Keep documented roof history
• Get up-to-date roof evaluations
• Helps with insurance claim related paperwork
• Find current issues before they turn bigger
• Assists with controlling roofing costs
• Maximize investment with lower life-cycle expenses

When paired with preventive maintenance, ongoing roof inspections help prolong your roof’s service life. Plus these proactive efforts are far less costly than premature replacement — or even ongoing, unnecessary repairs stemming from roof neglect. Industry studies confirm this. A roof which does not have preventive maintenance & inspections is likely to last for one-third to one-half of its life expectancy.

Roof Inspection Experts

Roof inspection austin texas

If you need a roof inspection due to your roof being extensive damaged, we can assist you. Or if you need scheduled, routine inspection appointments for a portfolio of building assets, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled roof inspectors & roofing craftsmen will help you preserve your roofing asset for the long term!

Horizon Roofing has been a standout leader in the Austin roofing industry for years. In addition, our owner has 35+ years of construction, roofing, and storm restoration background. Over that time, he has served 10,000+ valued clients. You can count on our dedicated experts for the ongoing service your roof needs.

Don’t hesitate! Call us today at (855) 715-1500 to request a roof inspection or for more information about regular inspection appointments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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